Biztech Top 1000

Enabling Data-Led Sales & Marketing Operations

Biztech Top 1000 in a nutshell

  • We’re the leading information service provider for IT Service and Solution companies in the Nordics

  • Biztech Top 1000 database is unique! It contains extensive, exceptional data regarding IT environments.

  • The key difference is that our data content is IT extensive. It’s developed together with IT companies to serve their needs. And it's collected from the account directly.

  • In addition to base demographics, account-based data of technology choices, solutions, services with size of environments. And, development intentions, when needed.

  • Our service is live and dynamic. Account data refresh bi-annually.

  • We are Nordic and the service is available in Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden

Why Biztech Top 1000?

  1. Identify your True Addressable Market

  2. Implement IT environment fact -based customer segmentation 

  3. Create Smart Target Lists for Data-Led campaigns

  4. Understand Changes & Trends gaining momentum

  5. Engage with Sales Opportunities

Accounts per key Enterprise Applications

  • ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)

  • CRM / CEM (Customer Relations / Engagament)

  • HRM (Human Resources Management)

  • ​​​​​​​BI (Business Intelligence / Analytics)

  • Filter target lists by Solution and any demographics data

Digital Business initiatives

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI), Analytics, eCommerce, IoT and others 

  • Filter target segments by Initiatives and any demographics data

IT Platforms

  • On-Premise, Hybrid IT and Cloud Platform environments

  • The size of Systems environments (# of Data Centers, # of Cloud Platforms)

  • Technology and Solution brands utilized

  • Filter target segments by Platform solutions and any demographics data

End-User Computing

  • The size of their End User base, e.g. number of PC's and Smartphones

  • Endpoint Management

  • Customer Satisfaction

  • Device Brands

  • List targets by solutions and any demographics data

Cyber Security

  • Needs Assessment by Cyber Security topic (Endpoint, Cloud, Data or Management)

  • Cyber Security Solutions used per Account

  • Development Intentions

Sales Navigator (Option)

  • Leads and Opportunities per solution area

  • List targets by topic and any demographics data